Winner / ER type Rotating Palletizer

The WINNER / ER type machine, palletises packed products. Its range of products varies from boxes to wrapped packages, cans, cases and bags. The machine is characterised by its very small dimensions.

  • The WINNER/ER robot revolutionizes the world of palletising with an innovative system which, instead of dispersing the kinetic energy in the form of heat during braking, it allows a recovery in the form of electric power, spendable again for the power supply of its electrical devices.
  • The controlling and recovery of energy costs system called K.E.R.S. (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) applied in response to a design technological evolution, allows an important “energy reduction for each palletising cycle”.
  • Painted metal frame.
  • Base with toothed fifth wheel and coaxial reduction gear.
  • Vertical column with slipping guides for the arm.
  • Fixed arm with guides for carriage traverse.
  • Carriage slipping on the arm with fixing of product picking up head.
  • Product picking-up head rotating 360° on its axis.
  • Polyamide bellows to protect the vertical sliding guides.
  • Production lines served 1÷2 (with different product sizes simultaneously also).
  • Palletising pallet 1÷2.
  • Number of servocontrolled axes 4.
  • With WINNER 250/ER capacity of 240 ÷ 300 cycles/hour.
  • With WINNER 300/ER capacity of 300 ÷ 360 cycles/hour.
  • With WINNER 400/ER capacity of 360 ÷ 420 cycles/hour.
  • With WINNER 500/ER capacity of 420 ÷ 480 cycles/hour.
  • The maximum capacity of the robot is referred to continuous production, excluding dead times coming from the eventual stop of the robot during working phases.
  • SEW EURODRIVE gearmotors in A/C and inverter.
Winner 400