The washer machine mod WM is a double action washer for washing various types of fruit, vegetables and mushrooms. Thank to the delicate high flow action applied by the washer, it is possible to mix different products. The washer consists of a stainless steel tank divided into several sections according to the capacity; the first performs washing and in the last a flexible mesh belt transfers the product and gently begins dewatering. A motorised paddle is used to adjust the flow of the product inside the unit, to break and to dip the floating layer in combined action with the perforated drum which allows a perfect removal of much of the foreign material (insects, wood portions, plastic, etc.). The washing water is constantly recycled through the incorporated self-cleaning rotary filter.

-Excellent washing quality.
-Wide range of models available with a capacity ranging from 330
lbs/H to 33,000 lbs/H (150 kg. to 15 tons/H).
-Easy regulation of the washing parameters and double combinated
hydraulic – pneumatic action.
-Also available a dewatering elevator belt to extract the
product from the washer and a self-cleaning monofilo net belt to
filter the recycled water;
-Many available options – provide customisation to customer