Drying Tunnel Aeolus/Zephyr/Zephyr Plus

The drying step is always the most complex in the working process of fruit
and vegetables. Currently the most advanced drying system for these
products is represented by the Tunnel. The drying tunnel by means of thermodynamics action allows the elimination of water from the surface of the product. The cycle is divided into two steps:

DRYING: The product is counter hit by hot and dry air. This flow of hot and dry air “absorbs” the water on the surface of the product, before passing into an evaporative cooling battery which allows the separation of the water (coming from the product) from the processing air.
COOLING: The Dry product is counter hit by cold air to restore the product to the optimum temperature to guarantee the prosecution of the cold chain and then get a product that meets the highest quality standards.

PLAY, they do not need other connections a part from the power and
water supply. In fact, all models have inside a direct expansion heat pump and an independent electrical panel. The electricity and water consumption of these tunnel are currently the
lowest on the market.