The slicer and chunker SCMA is an automatic machine suitable to cut melons and pineapples in spears or in chunks. The operator loads peeled half fruits on a conveyor belt. The machine is composed of two or three cutting stations, according to the client needs. The first one is a cutting group like a guillotine to cut fruits in horizontal; the second and the third one are two cutting groups with rotating circle blades to cut fruits in spears. If you would like to cut in spears, you will use the 2nd (and 3rd) station only; if you would like to cut in chunks, you will use both stations, you can do it just turning the selector on the electrical board. The machine has a structure in stainless steel AISI 304. All parts in touch with the fruit are suitable for hygienic and alimentary purposes.

Technical Features Mod. SCMA:
Max Capacity: about 36-40 half fruits/minute
Weight: 1100 Kg about
Belt height: about 1000 mm
Machine width: 900 mm about
Machine length: 2100 mm about (no belt)
Machine height: 2000 mm about
Air requirement: 400 lt/h
Absorbed current: 3 A
Installed Power: 2,4 Kw
Slices: 5 – 8 (according client’s request)
Chunks: 12 – 33 mm (according client’s request)

SCMA – Melons Slicer and Chunker
SCMA – Pineapples Slicer and Chunker