The VAI Vertical Form, Fill, and Seal machine is a completely automatic unit, converting flat sheet roll stock into perfect sized single serving pouches using hot-bar film welding techniques. This is done at a fraction of the cost of currently used methods of packaging. The machine uses pneumatic technologies, which are highly reliable and economical to operate.

The roll-holding portion of the machine is separate from the main body of the machine, is manually adjustable and utilizes bearings to unwind the film smoothly. The motorized roll-unwind system is controlled by a sensor connected via the machine’s PLC. The film tracks very evenly on chromed steel rollers going through the machine. The pneumatic vertical sealing mechanism operates independently from the machine cycle and is directly controlled from the operator’s panel, aiding in machine set-up. The transverse sealing bars also operate independent of the machine cycle and uses levers producing maximum reliability and force for positive seals.

Vertical Bagger