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Strawberry De-Calyx Machine DF12/DF24

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Strawberry de-calyx machine Mod. “DF12 / DF24” is able to de-calyx and cut strawberries in two and four pieces. This innovative machine was developed to reduce manual labor and to handle each strawberry gently to prevent mechanical damage. All parts in touch with the fruit are suitable for hygienic and alimentary purposes. The machine has a stainless steel structure and is equipped with a conveyor belt composed of a sequence of fruit holder units on both the sites which move in continuous bringing strawberries to the processing stations. The machine performs three steps: alignment of strawberries; de-calyx and fruit ejection (corresponding to cutting, if required).

DF12/DF24 machine is equipped with:
– Conveyor belt for processed fruits for outfeed product.

– Low waste: 8 – 10%.
– Labor saving.
– High capacity.
– Easy maintenance and sanitation.
– Quality of the finished product.
– Dry slices, processing no making use of water.

DF12/DF24 – Strawberry Decalyx Machine

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